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Why Business Solutions

Business Solutions is the leading provider of Microsoft business solutions. In private and public sector companies, Business Solutions provides customised business information systems based on products and services like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure.

It produces custom solutions for providers in energy, utility, telecommunication, production, transport and logistics, distribution and retail industry. To its clients, Business Solutions offers a new way of integration of customers and suppliers through smart digital services, online stores and portals. With professional services in the field of consulting, development, deployment and maintenance of hardware and software, it provides support for all levels of the business information systems - from the local information and communication infrastructure to modern business based on artificial intelligence in the cloud.

We provide our customers with the best business information solutions on the market, perfectly adapted to their business processes.
And 300+ satisfied customers on Microsoft Dynamics solutions
And a lot of outside associates. We are hard-working, motivated, and experienced people with the desire to offer the best that exists on the market.
The attention we invest in knowledge and expertise of ours associates is reflected in a large number of certificates Business Solutions has.

Success stories

Happy clients that trust their businesses to our solutions.

AMZS d.d.
Andrej Cergolj, Sales and assistance manager

"CRM solution offers us a unified sales solution and an effective sales funnel. We are constantly upgrading the system with new business fields."

Elastomeri d.o.o.
Maja Podergajs, Administrator

"Microsoft's CRM solution offers us an effective and transparent work with our clients. I recommend it."

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Director's Assistant

"With the help of Business Solutions d.o.o. and the webshop Magento, we managed to obtain an effective tool for our sales endeavours. Integration with Microsoft Dynamic NAV information system works flawlessly."

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and project manager of Power BI

"With Microsoft's Power BI we've obtained a simple, fast and thorough overview of dynamics inside various departments. Previously unprocessed data has become valuable after being processed with Power BI."

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director

"Power BI offers us a fast and effective overview of sales, deliveries, stock, Etc. With the implementation, we received a complete business overview and simplified contacts with clients and suppliers."